Dog dog!

Tried and failed 3 times to get an uninterrupted 25 mins for this one, so this is an hour and a half minus a lot of distractions.

I tired a bit of shading today. Turns out i had my tablet on the wrong setting so shading is really tricky, any lines that overlap in the same penstroke would get darker much quicker. I’ve sorted that out now but my shading still has much to be desired!

I prefer drawing architecture where everything is just nice straightforward lines. I think I still need more confidence In drawing lines straight out rather than continuously sketching them until I get the right line, which takes up a lot of time. Practice makes perfect I guess!

meh, seems im not good at faces. especially mouths. Also theres a surprising difference between my two screen, the faint lines on her nose look a lot darker here! Oh well.


So.. I drew my own hand, pretty interesting!